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30 August, 2016

Who are the Two Mother Forkers

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Yes, this is our first blog post where we say…hey…friends, you love us, help us. Share us with your friends and family. Sign up to get our email alerts on the top of the home page. Like us on Facebook and maybe follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

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We are finally getting our blog posts together, and Tiffany is ready to give this thing a go. So what can you expect?

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Who are the Two Mother Forkers?

I am Tara, and I am not new to blogging. I have been successful running the lifestyle blog, heavy in travel and entertainment, Trippin’ with Tara. With food being something that I cover on my social media already, having a food blog was a natural progression for me. However, diving into this head first with my long time friend and amazing chef, Tiffany Tatsch.

Tara and Tiff

Tiffany and I have the kind of friendship that includes many laughs, unconditional love, lots of wine, fantastic food, crazy stories, and well did I mention laughs? As the title of the blog sorta hints, we tend to be inappropriate, and without apology. If you like great food, to laugh and you aren’t offended by a few bad words or some videos where we may have had too much wine, you found you new favorite food blog.

Who are the Two Mother Forkers?

Tiffany and I became friends because of our kids. They were 4 and 2 when we met, and that was almost 15 years ago. We spent more hours in the kitchen and consuming adult beverages and friends telling us that we can be pretty entertaining, and the recipes, well, we rarely don’t eat well.

So expect videos, photos, recipes, quaint diner stops while on road trips, and more.

We are Two Mother Forkers!


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